Xiaomi Youpin launches Tuoniu smart trash bin T3

Xiaomi Townew Tuoniu Smart Trash Can T3 Will Be Available for 299 Yuan or 43 USD(For Supporters)

The Xiaomi Smart Trash t3 is a Crowdfunding Project! And those, who supported fundraising, they will get this project at half of its original price. The original pricing of this Xiaomi Smart Trash Can t3 is around 599, but the crowdfunding is only 299 yuan, saving 300 yuan.

What’s New In Xiaomi Smart Trash T3?

Townew Tuoniu Smart Trash Can T3 Ceramic White

The Brand New Smart Trash T3 comes with new ASAR 3.0 packing and changing system, This New System allows very little energy consumption and enhance performance, in other words, it extends the battery life of this mart trash t3 can.

This Xiaomi Smart T3 using a 35cm Humanized sensing distance, sensing an opening. This  Smart Trash t3  avoids all types of contact and stay away from bacteria. The sensing speed of this Xiaomi Smart Trash T3 Can is 0.3-second rapid response.

The Xiaomi Smart Trash t3 can use Tuoniu’s thermoplastic sealing technology, It prevents all types of odors. It also can sense when it’s reached its maximum storage limit. The built-In Program of Xiaomi Smart Trash T3 Can extend the garage can for packing. At the time replacing garbage bags, the inside fan of this Xiaomi smart trash bags t3, the inside fan in the bucket sucks in the garbage bags and uses the principle of air pressure to close the garbage bags to the wall of the bucket. And this way more simple than changing garbage bags manually and maximizes the use of the space in the bucket.

Battery Life

Xiaomi Smart Trash T3 can operate 60 days on its single charge, Hence it will suitable for all types of places, from personal room to small shops.

This Xiaomi Smart Trash T3 Can More suitable for wet Space, for example, toiles area. The body makes of waterproof materials and it’s water-resistant.