Windows Update

Microsoft is going to give greater control to the users of Windows 10 over the graphics settings. This update will allow users to customize the GPU settings conveniently. The preview of the 20190 has been released by the Windows 10 team to the Windows Insiders. So, with the new iOS-like Tips app the users can learn more about the latest update and features of Windows 10. The upgraded changes will ensure the users’ more control over the GPU setting, particularly over the multiple GPUs. Moreover, the new Tips app will help those enormous numbers of users of Windows 10 devices.

Brandon LeBlanc, a senior program manager, stated on the Windows Insider Program that they know it doesn’t always feel clear what changed with a significant update. He also added the Microsoft Windows is going to bring some great updates for the Windows 10 users to fix the previous issues. In the next feature update, the Tips app will highlight all the significant changes.

From this update, Windows will be able to differentiate between the power-saving GPU and the discrete graphics card. So when a user runs an application, the device with Windows 10 can decide which GPU that particular application needs. And for gaming mainly, Windows 10 will detect the discrete graphics card. For productivity or web browsing, it will use the power-saving GPU.

Apart from the differentiated ability, the other advantage will be an option where users can assign a particular GPU for individual applications. According to various programs, users can easily change the GPUs via settings and the drop-down menu of the Graphics settings. Thus, users will be able to command Windows, which graphics card it has to use according to different programs.

Apart from the Windows 10 update, Microsoft is also working on the improvement of the available information about optional upgrades. Microsoft did some upgrades due to its optional updates, that were previously referred to as ‘C’ and ‘D’ week releases, and now recognized as ‘Preview’ releases. Besides the security update, the Settings page also has been upgraded where users will get information about the optional updates. These updates will be helpful for fixing bugs, though users can have it when the security update rolls out.

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