Ipad Pro 11 2021

Are you planning to buy a new iPad? or you may be waiting for an update from an old iPad. Here I will be talking about why you should wait for the brand new iPad Pro. This Post Exclusively for those who are planning to buy an iPad Air 4th gen In 2021. Also, if you are planning to buy an Ipad Pro, you can refer to this one to save some money.

iPad Air 4th Gen

Ipad Air 4th Gen

Ipad Air itself it’s a great device and has enough power to handle any kind of task. The iPad Air comes with an A14 Bionic chip! Yes, the same chip used on iPhone 12! The Display Is pretty awesome but only limited to 60hz and 500 nits of brightness. Other than this you will get 64 GB of internal memory, which is kind of okay may be sufficient for some users. But for a heavy user, it might not be an ideal storage option.

So, You might be thinking “I will buy the 256GB instead” and here is the point! should you really want to invest almost 13k to 14k more for storage? instead Ipad Pro can be a great option, will explain later in this post, why to buy An iPad pro 11 if you can afford it or it doesn’t matter if you spend 15k more!

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Why Ipad Pro 2021 Instead of Ipad Air 4th Gen

Ipad Pro 2021 11"

So, Now let’s talk about why the Ipad Pro and how this Ipad Pro 2021 is the best deal instead of Ipad air. The Ipad Pro 2021 11 inch version comes with 8GB/16GB of RAM and the base variant comes with 128GB of storage! which is cool, and should be okay for most of the users! alternately you can attach external storage if you want! for installing apps, games, and other work 128GB should be more than enough!

Now let’s talk about the display part! The Ipad Pro 2021 11inch model comes with an XDR display option with adaptive screen refresh rates up to 120Hz! This is awesome all the animation and games will be super smooth on this display, more importantly, the adaptive refresh rate of this display saves a lot of battery, it adjusts the refresh rates based on the content you are watching or doing. here the Ipad Air comes with a 10.9″ 60hz display! which is kind of okay but based on the price you are paying it’s not worth it at all! You’re paying almost 55k in Indian rupees and they are proving a 60hz display! this is not good.

The Next part is the Chip or the processor is being used! The Ipad pro-2021 11″ and 13″ model comes with an M1 chip! This is the latest Apple silicon chip! and it’s booming right now! the same chip is used on a Macbook pro machine and many MacBooks and iMac is using this m1 chip! and based on the benchmark and real-life usage it’s blown up Intel’s high-value processor easily! So you can imagine having a MacBook pro processor on the iPad! it will be a workstation with 8GB of RAM. The Ipad Air Comes with the latest iPhone 12  A14 Bionic chip, which is not a bad processor at all! But if you are a heavy user and need extra power, video editing, 4k  rendering then iPad with an m1 chip is definitely the best choice.

There are so many things you can get if you spend just 15k more than an Ipad Air!

Ipad Air 4th Gen Vs Ipad Pro 2021 11″

Ipad  Pro 2021 Ipad Air 
Processor M1 Chip A14
RAM 8GB up to 16GB 4GB
Storage 128GB up to 2TB Max 256GB
Display 11″ and 12.9″ 10.9″
Connectivity Wifi, 4G(4G will cost more) wifi, 4G (4G will cost more)
Camera 12MP Plus 10MP 7MP
Unlocking  Face ID Touch ID
Speakers 4 Speakers 2 Speakers


There are many more, I just pointed out the main things here, For me, I ordered Ipad Pro 11″ 2021 version. I opted for the base variant, which comes with 128GB of internal memory and 8GB of RAM. The main reason for buying the Ipad Pro 2021 instead of the Ipad Air 4th generation is the double RAM, double storage, and the beast M1 chip with just 15k extra, also you’re getting a better Display. So I highly recommend going for Ipad Pro 11″  instead of Ipad Air or even iPad pro 12.9″, it’s cost much less and has almost similar features to an Ipad Pro 12.9″ model.