Android Devices To Track Earth Quake

As par, the report the biggest Search Giant Google is working on a feature to save you from natural disasters like “Earthquakes”.In the year 2016 Ars shows us the way that we all can use our bundle of sensors we are carrying around in our Smartphones every day to detect an Earthquake, as we are having an accelerometer in our smartphone which is capable enough of generating passable seismometer along with location data and with more user you will be able to detect earthquake by using your devices.

In that very same year, The University of California and Berkeley with the help of the California govt funding built an App and named it “My Shake” very effective and cheap. An efficient earthquake detection app was born for the first time for those who will install the “My Shake”.What if I don’t install that app on my Smartphone? now Google has come forward to fill the gap for the users, thinking of providing a built-in ‘earthquake detection alerts system’ with the operating system by announcing it officially and this is how Google is going to launch The “World Largest earthquake detection networks”.

You must be thinking that how come a simple smartphone on your tiny palm can be a live saver? Right! So let’s dig into deeper how it would work. First, we all know that we have a tiny accelerometer in our device but what we don’t know, it is capable of sensing earthquakes.

How It Will Work

Earthquakes having two kinds of waves, one is P-wave and the other is S-wave. P-wave moves faster than the S-wave and comes out first from the epicenter and comparatively less damaging than S-wave thus accelerometer first sense that P-wave and then send the signals to the earthquake detection hub with an altitude of the location where you felt shaking and the detection center collects several data of the devices present near this location to cross-check if there any earthquake happened. As the speed of the signals is much faster than Earthquake waves, it reaches fast to the detection center and alerts us before the earthquake hits us, thus giving us time to hide or to go to a safe place.

Though every corner of the world does not have the infrastructure to adopt that advanced earthquake detecting technology for those areas Google said they will provide accurate and fast information regarding earthquake, when searching for earthquake / Earthquake near me, relevant results with resources to save yourself will be provided with a blink of eyes.

The feature will be updated to google play services for each android version starting from 5 to an upper version within a couple of weeks as per the official. In this way near about 95% android devices of 2.5 billion google play services are going to get that life-saving earthquake detection feature. Although according to the official this feature is going to be rolled out first in Califonia city with the collaboration of  ShakeAlert initially and the incoming year it will be available in more states and your countries.


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