Telegram Video Calls And Seven Years of Telegram

On this 7th-year anniversary, Telegram wants to celebrate its success by launching video calling for Android users. In 2013, Telegram took its initial step as a small app, while it was only focused on secure messaging. Since then, Telegram has grown successfully with its over 400 million users. Presently, it is one of the most downloaded apps all across the world. Though from the beginning, it supports other types of video content, live calls will be a great invention of this app.

The fantastic vast video calling feature will be an excellent treat for the users. Instead of the alpha-stage status, the new video calling function will support picture-in-picture that lets the users perform multitasking while on the video call. Here, also, users will get the support of end-to-end encryption. A sequence of four emojis between both parties verifies the end to end encryption. So, the verification process is the same as the voice call feature.

Video Calls

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This year, Telegrams initiates its alpha version video call on both iOS and Android for the requirement of face-to-face communication. Users can start video calling from the contact’s profile page and switch on or off the video whenever they want during the video calls with this facility. Due to the end-to-end encryption, the video calling data is 100% secured. Moreover, users will get the advantage of Secret Chats and Voice Calls in the app.

Telegram has reproducible structure both according to iOS and Android users and anyone can verify the encryption to confirm the app is running on the same source code. Though in the future versions, the video calling feature will get more improvements as Telegram will be working on the updates as well. But for now, at least, users can enjoy one-on-one time with their friends and family.

Telegram also claims that there will be group-calling facilities soon. Though, the alpha update will be compatible only with its version for Android for now. Telegram is presently working on chunking out the interprofessional end of this market. Apart from the video calling feature, Telegram is also planning to add more animated emojis. To get the emojis, the users only have to update the app.

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