Samsung regains top position surpassing Xiaomi and Vivo: IDC

Korean phone maker Samsung regains its top position as per the most recent report has been published by International Data Corporation (IDC) in the 2nd quarter of April-June period, surpassing two Chinese giant Xiaomi and Vivo


Xiaomi and Vivo which only sells smartphones have been drop behind by Samsung by capturing 26.3% of the smartphones market in the 2nd quarter of June ended period as against 15.6% in the previous quarter whereas Xiaomi and Vivo ended the quarters by capturing the market shares of 29.4% and 17.5%  respectively.

IDC has explained the reason behind why Samsung surpass two Chinese giant

According to IDC, its Galaxy M21 smartphone was in the list of nation top 5 shipped models in 2020

Navkender  Shing, Analysis director, consumer gadgets &IPDS and, IDC India mentions Samsung market capturing may be temporary. Samsung’s market share gains in the 2nd quarter happened mainly because of a shortage in stocks in china-based vendors and more specifically anti-china sentiment minutely.   Mr. Navkendar shing quoted “Vivo could have easily gain number two position in overall market had it not been faced the pandemic situation and anti-Chinese sentiment also the supply chain issues”.

Xiaomi’s overall shipments volume has been in the lower curve by 48.7% on year to 5.4 million units in 2020. Models that managed to hold the market value of 21.8% are Redmi 8 smartphones, Redmi note 9 pro, etc.

Realme has shipped 1.78 million units in 2020 and acquiring the fourth position against 37% last year. The models which were responsible for the majority of its shipments are C3/C4 devices followed by the newly launched Narzo series.

Oppo comes in 5th position followed by a sharp declined of 51%  in 2020.

IDC expects the smartphones market to revive in the 2nd half of 2020

According to the report though there is regains in the position of Samsung’s smartphone still Indian smartphone market is struggling to breathe in this pandemic. Indian smartphone market accounted for a decline of 50.6% this year in the 2nd quarter of 2020, down from 36.8 million units last year.

One of the main reasons behind this is lockdown restriction on the delivery and shortage of stocks for most of the quarter, thus the online channel shows the market share of 39.9% against 44.8% last year.

Miss Upasana Joshi (Associate research Manager, Client Devices, IDC India)  said that those channel partner dealing with the offline delivery system, has tried hard to find a new way to reach out to their consumer by adopting so many initiatives like using social media platforms and WhatsApp, references, etc for doorsteps demos and delivery at door step and also contactless payments in this COVID time but still they have seen steep declined of 56.8% this year as those initiatives taken was limited to big and medium-sized retail outlets in metros.

Another reason was that china based parts and components were due for clearance at the port due to this pandemic situation.

But last but not least Mr. Singh said as the majority of the consumer going to buy low to mid-end devices during the festive season it is expected that the market is going to get back in form in the 2nd half of 2020.

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