Samsung Android updates

Samsung has announced the list of smartphones to get Android 12/13 updates. Samsung announced more models that meet the third-generation upgrade conditions. Today, the official updated the list of models.

At present Most of the recently launched smartphone comes with the latest Android 10. Normally Samsung s series model gets 2 to 3 Android version updates. Here is the List Of Samsung S series models and Z series models that will get the OTA updates in the future.

Samsung Android updates

List Of Samsung Smartphone For Android 11/12 Updates

  • All Samsung Note 10 Series
  • All Samsung Note 20 Series
  • Samsung Z series including Z Flips, Z fold 2

other than this premium segment flagship model, below are some mid-range smartphones from Samsung to receive Android 11/12 updates in the near future.

A71 5G, A71, A51 5G, A51, and A90 5G and follow-up models, and the tablet is S6 Lite, S6, and S7, S7+ all series.

Surprisingly The Galaxy Note9 and S9 are not in the lists as for now, it’s not confirm yet whether this Smartphone will receive the Android 11 Updates or Not. At the time of Release Samsung S9 and Note 9, this model ahs Android 8, So, it might get updates in the future.

Those are the official confirmed list as for now, Samsung also says Samsung says it’s “committed to providing the latest Android OS upgrades until the hardware specifications allow.”

Samsung always provides the latest Android updates for the latest S series model then others series model receives the updates. Based on this, the Samsung S20 will be the first phone to get Android 11 updates next year by Samsung.