iPad Pro M1 2021

Hola! Hey, I purchased the brand new iPad Pro M1 last month and been using it for more than 15 days! Here I will be sharing my experience after switching from Android And Windows To Ipad OS. Though I haven’t Fully switched to iPad Yet! I will Be explain here, how my experience, my point of views.

Why I Bought iPad Pro M1

iPad Pro M1 2021

obviously, the cost of the Ipad is huge! I’m lucky enough to afford this somehow. The first question may come to your mind why should need this one, and I have a similar question in my mind! Actually, I wanted to purchase iPhone 12, but I need something which can provide me iOS experience and productivity at the same time. So, a better option for me was Ipad and Mac mini! Since the mac mini like the normal computer. so I decided to go with an iPad.

Before ordering this one I was so confused that I almost took 4 to 5 days to think about what will be the right iPad For me! Because the old 2020 Model iPad available at that time and I was confused between the iPad air and the Ipad Pro! So, I check the specs of both and decided to go with the Ipad Pro M1 model. My main motive to buy this iPad is to explore the OS of Apple and to do some productive work! yes, since I’m planning to start a youtube channel I need a compact and portable device for better workflow. So, I purchased for some video editing and entertainment purpose.

My Experience After Using iPad Pro M1 For More Than 15 days

Operating System And Software

I love the iPad OS. It’s super clean and butter smooth. Work Like Charm and no lag, nothing. I mentioned earlier that this is my first iPad or Apple Device. I like the things that there is no bloatware and any unwanted Ads like on Android! And the best thing I like is the privacy option!, yup like android or other Os it doesn’t allow any app to automatically collect data of yours! until you give p[ermisson to that particular apps!it’s great.

Other than this there are a ton of features available in this Ipad OS. But there are some limitations and if you switch from Android or Windows You will definitely face some issues! like I do. if you want to experience a laptop-like experience then you have to buy all the accessories that apple is providing! and the cost is huge!


This is my first time using a 120Hz refresh rates display! and it amazed me! I like the smooth web browsing, Gaming, it’s another level, can’t explain in word. It very smooth, previously I have used a 75Hz monitor, I still have it but the 120Hz display is really great. Since I bought M1 11 inch version, so this device doesn’t have the XDR display, which is a new technology by apple and it’s exclusively available for the iPad Pro M1 12.9 Inch variant. It will cost you another 30K for this XDR display! So, I skip this, and still, I’m happy with this display. The brightness of this display(up to 600nits) is really great, though I haven’t used max brightness. And for most people, up to 50 Percent brightness is more than enough.

The touch is really good, I haven’t faced any issues till now, everything works great for now.


The camera is Ok! this not an iPhone or other flagship phone. so it will be an injustice to compare with those devices, but personally, I don’t like the camera quality of the iPad, and I think Apple is using a previous generation camera module in this Ipad Pro M1 2021 version. So, the camera quality is much similar to the old one. Currently, I’m using 2 years old Poco f1, and if I compared the camera quality of both, Poco f1 is the clear winner in photos and videos.

iPad Pro M1 2021 iPad Pro M1 2021 iPad Pro M1 2021 iPad Pro M1 2021 iPad Pro M1 2021

The iPad Pro M1 camera is good enough to capture documents and some good photos in good lighting. Below are some samples added


iPad Pro M1 2021

Based on several types of research I found Apple is using the same capacity battery on Ipad M1 as the last generation. In my experience, it can last a day after heavy usage! I’m getting about 10hrs screen on time and still, 10 to 15 Percent left! normally I do some casual gaming. Like COD Mobile, and Netflix, youtube. I’m happy with the battery of the iPad Pro M1.

How Good Is the iPad M1 For Productivity

iPad Pro M1 2021

it’s Depends! Yes, currently I’m not doing anything professional work on my m1 iPad, other than some casual video editing test. If you are a graphic designer or artist you must have an Ipad with an apple pencil! I’m not any of it, so I don’t have an Apple pencil right now.

I think for editing photos and videos on the go, this is a great device to have. because it’s extremely portable and powerful. As for now, I don’t have any keyboard for Ipad and that’s why I can’t do blogging work on the Ipad, and it’s very difficult to do blogging on an iPad. I faced many issues and decided not to do any blogging work on Ipad Pro M1. I used the Windows snipping tool a lot to take screenshots and for making a thumbnail, there is no option in Ipad, yes there is, but you need to have an apple pencil and it’s very time-consuming. so, if your main purpose is blogging or similar to this, this is not the right device in my opinion. If you are a YouTuber/traveler and you travel a lot, still you need a portable device for photo and video editing this one is perfect! Yes, The Macbook Air is there, but still, you can do a similar type of task here.

if you are a student, and thinking of having one, you can go for iPad Air, which is more than enough and you can buy a keyboard. Currently, Apple iPad Air comes with an A14 processor, which is very good, you can edit 4K edit on the iPad Air.

iPad Pro Is Not A Laptop Replacement

As mentioned earlier in this post, how I’m facing the difficulties, you may face the same. Don’t buy it as a laptop! unless you are ready to purchase a 30K-worth iPad Keyboard from Apple! because typing with touch is really irritating, I personally don’t like it, I prefer to have a keyboard instead. that’s why I don’t do typing tasks on the iPad. The current iPad Air Comes with an M1 processor, this processor is a beast and beating a high-end Intel processor! but the software of the iPad OS is not good enough to utilize this power. You can’t run Final Cut Pro on Apple iPad Pro m1, No Xcode, etc. Multitasking is good but you will feel Mac or Windows Os much better for professional work and multi-tasking. iPad Pro is just like a Lambo but they are providing a muddy road to drive. I’m feeling the same, it just an entertainment device! I might have to buy Mac Mini Next year for the final cut pro and actual Mac OS experience.

Who Should Buy

People who are looking for new portable and powerful device, for entertainment purpose with some professional work. Students can go for iPad Air, not a pro, though the Pro comes with a 120hz refresh rate, if you have a budget then go for Pro otherwise Air is good. if you are buying Air for study purposes then please buy a Pencil.