Lenevo CLoud 1

Lenevo Personal A1 Cloud Released

Today, on 19th August finishing all anticipation  Lenovo has finally released its product NAS- personal A1 cloud which is having a storage capacity of 16,000 high definition movies and capable of installing 16TB hard drives.

Lenevo CLoud 1

Presently, this new Lenovo launched product has completed its pre-sold occasion on Jingdong mall but there was a trial version of this product having a price range of 1399 yuan, and only 3TB hard drives version has been on the mall western digital NAS red disk. As per the official reports, the final price will 999 yuan from August 25.

What’s Inside?

  • Lenovo personal cloud A1 having a Quad-core chip of Realtek RTD1296 with built-in memory of 1GB.
  • Having 8 GB flash memory with a built-in single-bay HDD design of 3.5 inches.
  • Irrespective of this, consumers are allowed to choose products according to their needs and specification with different capacities one restriction is that the required capacity must be within 16TB.


Talking about its outer appearance, the design is inspired by ancient Greece “Parthenon Temple” which exhibits the Doric style, and the designer blends it with modern retouch which gives it quite decent and classy at the same time look for the buyer.

Things to enjoy:

  • One of the best things about Lenevo personal A1 cloud is that if you thinking to build a personal cloud for your whole family within a min, then Lenovo’s personal cloud A1 is the right choice for you.
  • If you are having Lenovo personal cloud A1, then no matter where you are it is possible for you to back up your data and We chat and share files inside with your mobile phone instantly leaving it back at home.

Is your data is safe with the A1 cloud?

According to the Lenevo official, your data and information are completely safe with personal cloud A1 through “Encrypted safe” and “virtual transmission network” and  “independent account management” and trough various such means thus conforming to your security of personal data as it said “personal cloud A1”.