How To Use Flipkart Coins?

If you are using Flipkart for online shopping then you already know what Flipkart coins are. Now, Most of us including me don’t spend this Flipkart coins in the right way, so here I will be covering how to use Flipkart coins. This Flipkart super coin has launched in this Flipkart super coin in 2018. Let’s know about Flipkart super coins.

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

What are Flipkart Coins?

Flipkart Coins or Flipkart super coins is a program by which Flipkart rewards it’s buyers by providing virtual coins based on Product Value. This Flipkart super coin can be used as a discount’s coupons, it can be used for booking tickets, flight, including shopping products from Flipkart. Also, it can be used to sign up for the Flipkart plus Program.

How To Use Flipkart Super Coins?

Flipkart Coins can be used for many programs in Flipkart. You can spend during shopping, you will get some discounts when purchasing a product. Below is the list of things you can do with Flipkart Super coins.

  1. You can avail exclusive discounts with Flipkart super coins 
  2. You can buy Product at Rs.1 With Flipkart super coins
  3. Minimum 10% Extra DiscountVIEW ALL Extra savings using SuperCoins
  4. You Can Use Super Coins For Movies, Music
  5. For Travels And Tickets booking
  6. Shopping & lifestyle offers

Discounts With Flipkart Super Coins

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

In this section, you can buy different products on Flipkart and you will get huge discounts with Flipkart super coins. This section Discount section page is updated daily basis, so, you can look for your favorite product here. For example, you can see the above image where it’s showing Rs.500 Off on selected refrigerators with just 150 Flipkart Super Coins. 

Buy Product At Rs.1 With Flipkart Super Coins

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

This is one of the best Sections to spend your Flipkart Super coins. Here, in this section, you can get any product in just Rs. 1 By using Flipkart super coins.

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

Like this TV stand, this product can be bought by using 930 Flipkart super coins, then you just need to pay just Rs. 1.

10% Extra Discount With Super Coins

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

There are many products in the section you can choose, and you can get up to 10 % extra discounts by using the Flipkart Super coins.

Flipkart Super Coins For Movies, Music

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

This is the best section to use the Flipkart super coins, I love this section especially. You can sign up for the premium service from Youtube, Gaana, Zee 5subscriptions, and Mores. So instead of availing small discounts on products from Flipkart. You can use for these services, below are the list of the services you can sign up using Flipkart Super Coins

  • Youtube Premium With 150 Super Coins
  • Gaana Plus For 6 Months with 100 Flipkart Super Coins
  • Zee 5 12 Month Subscription With just 350 Flipkart Coins
  • Tinder plus 6 months subscription for 750 super coins
  • Annual Hotstar Subscription for 399 super coins

There are many more services available in the entertainment section, but these are my favorites.

Travels And Tickets booking Discounts Using Flipkart Super Coins

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

This is the second-best After the movies and music section if you travel often then you can utilize your Flipkart super coins in this section, you can get huge discounts on OYO Hotels booking and flight tickets booking, below are the list.

  • You can avail 45 % discounts On OYO with just 100 Super coins
  • Get Flat Rs.1000/- off for Min 2 people per txn for weekend getaways in India On Flight ticket booking

Where you Can Check Your Supercoins Balance?

How To Use Flipkart Coins?

You need to sign in using your mobile no. or email then, then go to your Flipkart account section, then Select “Super coins Zone”

How Do you Earn More Flipkart super coins?

  • Plus users can earn 4 coins per 100 rupees spend on Flipkart with a max limit of 100 super coins per order.
  • For Non-Plus User ear 2 coins peer Rs.100 spending on Flipkart with max 50 super coins per order
  • You can use the Flipkart app for booking flight tickets, you can earn super coins by doing this.
  • You can play Games on the Flipkart app for Super coins.

What is The validity of Flipkart Supercoins?

Super coins will expire after one year from the date of credits, So, use it before expire