How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

In this post, I will guide how to install Jio Tv App on amazon firestick and watch live Tv. There are many tutorials out there, but a maximum of them are not working! yes, I tested many of them. So, I found the best way and it’s working fine.

I bought the Amazon firestick last year on sale from amazon., and it was one of the best purchases. I’m living alone on room rent for a job, I have a gaming pc and laptop. The electricity charges here are too high, so I was searching for a smaller device that can stream movies, Netflix, and Youtube. So, Amazon Firestick was the best option for me. As this consumes very little electricity and I can save money.

Previously I was using my gaming pc for streaming movies and others. After purchasing the amazon firestick it was a great experience. One day I thought it will be a very good idea to install Jiotv on firestick, so I tried to install it, but it doesn’t work! I installed it properly but due to the big screen and aspect ratio of the firestick it wasn’t working and I wasn’t able to log in! So, After many failures, I found the right way to install Jio tv on Firestick. Below are the Guides on how to install Jiotv on a firestick.

Before going to the how-to step, let’s have quick details about Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick Specification

Amazon 3rd Gen Fire Stick

Android version
Android Level 28 (Android 9)
Fire OS version Fire OS 7
Processor (SoC) MT8695D
CPU Quad Core 1.7GHz
Application Binary
Interface (ABI)
Memory (RAM) 1GB, DDR4
Resolution and refresh rates Up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) – 60Hz

As This Firestick runs on Android, you can install almost any app but it may not be compatible. I tried many, some of their works, some not.

What Are the Requirements To Install Jio Tv On Firestick

  • Firestick
  • An Android Phone
  • JioTv Apk
  • Mouse Toggle App
  • Apps2Fire App
  • Stable Wifi Connection

It’s obvious, you already have the Firestick, And For Jio Tv Apk and A mouse-over App, I will provide a link, and you have to use that particular link to Download those apps, otherwise, these tricks will not work.

Why Playstore Jio Tv App Doesn’t Work On Firestick

if you are searching for how to install Jio tv on firestick, you probably know that the play store version doesn’t work on the Firestick! And here is why! The play store version app is only designed for Android Phones, and it can work on a tab, but when you’re installing on Firesticks, firesticks use a different aspect ratio. And the JioTv App requires keyboard input to log in or signup. the firestick doesn’t have a keyboard, but the virtual keyboard works fine on other apps because those apps are specially designed for Firestick.

But the Playstore version JioTv App is not supported and Firestick doesn’t pop up the virtual keyboard for sign in or sign up. This is why you need to have a different version of the jioTv Apk. I tried many, and finally, this version, which I’m going to share later in this post works fine. I can watch any live Tv Channel without any issues.

How To Install Jio Tv App On Firestick That Works

  1. Turn on Your Firestick and hover to the settings option.
How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

In the Setting option, you will see the “My Fire TV” Section, select this option.

Next, you have to select “Developer Options” In developer, you will see ADB debugging, and the Install Unknown Apps option. Allow Both.

How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick
How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

2. Download Jiotv Apps APK And Mouse toggle for Fire Tv On Your Android Phone.

Download Jiotv app Apk-

Download Mouse Toggle –

Download these App Apk from the above link, and make sure you know the File location where it’s downloading.

3. Download And Install Apps2Fire App From Playstore. By using this app we will able to install and uninstall any Apps on Firestick And Much More. Below is the installation guide

How To Install Apps2Fire And Connect To Firestick

Download the Apps2fire App From Playstore. Below is the link you can follow

After Installation goes to Setup Tab On Apps2Fire. Now there you need to Enter the IP address of the firestick, where you are going to install the Jio Tv Apps. If your Firestick and App are connected to the same wifi connection, you can use the search Fire tv section there. or you can manually enter the IP address of your firestick. (you can get IP information on the networking tab in firestick )

How to Install JioTv On Firestick

You will see your firestick after doing the “search my Firestick” option. select this option, and you select your firestick you will get a popup on the firestick  Allow it on a firestick.

How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

Hola! now you’re connected to your firestick remotely.

You can see installed apps and other things in firestick from your android phone.

How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

Here you will see the up arrow button in Apps2fire App on the right top. That’s can be used to upload files and install apps on firestick. So, we are going to use the same, select that option and allow the storage permission. Then locate the folder where you downloaded the apps (Jiotv App Apk And Mouse Toggle App). you will see your android phone Folder and files on ../storage/emulated/0 then you can select the folder where you downloaded the apps, install it one by one(both Jiotv and mouse toggle)

How to Install JioTv On Firestick
How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

4. After installing both the apps, go to the My Apps section of the Firestick and you will notice both Jiotv And mouse toggle apps. Don’t open the JioTv on firestick after installing.

now, you need to open the Mouse toggle App option and make sure the enable mouse and auto start mouse service is turned on.

How to Install JioTv On Firestick

5. Now you can open The JioTv App On Firestick.

How to Install JioTv On Firestick

You will see the Login option, either by using OTP verification or user id and password. Now the tricky part is to turn on the on-screen mouse, just double-tap the play button on the firestick remote. 

How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

Now you will see around virtual/on-screen mouse is visible. just use it to enter your phone no. or user id and password.

6. After successful login! now you will be able to watch any channel. To Scroll down use the next button on the firestick remote, and to scroll up you can use the previous button on the firestick. Below is the photo you can use for reference.

How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick

How to Install JioTv On Amazon Firestick


Can you Watch Live Tv On Firestick

If you successfully install the Jiotv Apps Then you will be able to Wath all the Live channels available there.