How to connect jiofi to pc

Are you looking for “How to connect Jiofi to PC”? Here are 3 ways you can connect Jiofi to a Pc, desktop or Laptop. The Jiofi is the device to use a 4g connection to a non-4g device or you can use a Jiofi device to use 4G internet connection to your PC or laptop by wireless or wired connection. Here is the top 3 way you can easily connect a Jiofi device to Pc.

Here How a Jiofi device looks like. So still curious about “How to Connect jiofi to a Pc” Here is the answer below with a complete guide.

How to Connect Jiofi to PC?

You can connect a Jiofi device to a Pc by the following method

  • By pressing WPS Button
  • USB wired Connection
  • Wifi Connection by entering username and Password

So, these are the 3 ways you can connect the jiofi device with a Pc or Laptop. First I’m going with the easiest method! to solve this query “How to connect jiofi  to a Pc” which is by pressing the WPS button, located on the Jiofi device.

WPS Method

The fastest way to connect Jiofi to Pc by pressing the WPS button which located on the left side of the Jiofi. The Full form of the WPS is the “Wifi Protected Setup”. Below is the complete guide How to connect jiofi device to a pc with WPS.

How to connect jiofi to pc

As you can see from the above image the WPS button is located on the left edge of a Jiofi device. In order to connect by the WPS method, you need to turn on your Jiofi device and wifi in your windows operating system.

How to connect jiofi to Pc

After you turned on Wifi on your pc or laptop you will see a similar display then you will see your jiofi wifi name there. In my jiofi i changed the default jiofi wifi name to lolzzzzzz! you can change to any name you want.

Then you put the tick mark on the “Connect automatically” box! so that you don’t need to do it next time.

After that Press, the WPS button on the Jiofi device then in your Pc wifi section hit the Connect button! it will instantly connect to your Jiofi device without any issue.

This is the fastest method to connect a jiofi device to a Pc or laptop for the first time.

USB wired Connection

The second easiest method to connect to Jiofi device to a PC or laptop is the USB wired connection. This is the simplest method! You need a USB cable and a jiofi device.

How to connect jiofi to pc

Just connect the USB cable with the Jiofi device and with the PC or laptop, here I’m using a laptop to make this connection. After you connect the USB port with PC’s USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Port it will instantly connect and you can access the internet.

Here, how it looks when you connect a jiofi device to PC in Windows10.

Wifi Connection by entering username and Password

This is a complicated method in this section. You can connect with a jiofi to a pc for the first time by using a default username and password. But you need to change wifi password and username for the jiofi wifi security. here a quick way how to change jiofi wifi username and password.

  • Connect Jiofi with PC by USB Wired connection mode
  • Open a browser on your Pc then put this address on your browser address bar. Address: can put without http) then hit enter.
  • You will see “Login” on the top right corner, click the login option then Put default username and password.

Default login option with the credentials, username as administrator and password as administrator and tap on the login button.

  • Then you will find a Setting tab click there, after that you will see a WIFI Tab, Clik the Wifi option.
  • After clicking the Wifi option you will see the SSID and Security Key section. The SSID is the wifi name to want to set and Security key is the password for the wifi connection.