Google Phone Dialer

Google’s Phone App or the Google Phone dialer can be installed on the non-google device. This means if you don’t have any pixel devices, still you can install the Phone dialer App.

Currently, the installation of the Phone dialer app is limited to Google’s Android App Testers Only. If you want to install it on your phone, then you need to signup as a tester through this link.

How to Install The Google’s Phone Dialer App(Beta)

I installed and tested the google phone dialer app on my Poco F1 Devices, and it seems working fine. Here is the quick procedure to install google phone dialer app on any android device

  • 1st you need to sign up for google android testing partner by following this link on the desktop link.
  • Complete installation process on desktop, it will ask you to reenter your password, make sure your phone is connected to the internet, then you will see it’s installation process on your phone.

The missing feature of this google phone dialer app is the Call screening, this is one of the best features for pixel feature. If you are nonpixel users then you have to compromise with these features, otherwise, all features will work fine on any android app.

The Phone Dialer App is currently on Beta Version, so, it’s not officially available for all android and for all countries. You need to opt for tester if you want to use it. Depending upon your phone and geolocation it might not available to you. Do check by above Become a tester link.