Facebook To Offer Tik-Tok Style Video

Tik-Tok, the ByteDance-owned app, was one of the most popular short video-making apps, and no other short video-making apps did not get such success as Tik-Tok. As it is now banned in India, there is a huge opportunity for other video-making apps, and already on Google PlayStore, there are many apps available. And, now social media giant Facebook has decided to offer Tik-Tok video format for its Indian users. Facebook already has offered Instagram Reels, and currently, it’s working on featuring a short video option soon. Social media expert Matt Navarra has already disclosed that Facebook is already testing the short video feature. Even the interface and functioning is quite similar to Tik-Tok.


Facebook is already working with a TikTok clone in some selected markets and added some features like the Instagram Reels. The big blue app will be the venue for this TikTok style video format feature experiment. Facebook has declared that in India, TechCrunch will test the short-form videos. Presently, within the news feed, these short videos have a particular section. On top of it, users will see the ‘Create’ button, and by tapping the create button, the Facebook Camera will launch immediately. And in this section, users can browse through other created short videos by swiping up. Regarding launching this short-video section, a Facebook spokesperson has stated that the Facebook team is always testing unique tools with which they can understand how the users want to express themselves. From the era of TikTok, short-term videos are viral in India, and Facebook is working with such new ways to provide the same experience as TikTok to the Indian users.


In the absence of TikTok, the short-video test of Facebook came into the limelight and last month, it launched Reels in India. A source related to this matter has declared that Facebook’s daily engagement has enhanced by over 25% from the ban of TikTok in India. Twitter-backed ShareChat, Gaana, and MX Player have introduced some standalone apps for replicating the social experience. During this particular period, the local apps claimed to get tens of millions of new users. Here to mention, in recent weeks, YouTube also has rolled out a similar feature that is in the testing phase yet. This week, TechCrunch has also declared that ByteDance is engaging with Reliance for selling a stake in the local business of TikTok.

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