Epic Games

This week, Epic Games, the founder of Fortnite, has sent some shockwaves through the entire technical industry by appealing that both Apple and Google are monopolies. If Epic Games win the lawsuits, both Apple and Google may need to recast their business by developing their app stores more preferable to developers. When both Google and Apple removed Fortnite from its app store last Thursday, the lawsuit controversy came in limelight. Google and Apple have claimed that Epic Games have elapsed their guidelines.

Epic Games

Epic Games VS Apple And Google

Already Epic Games made headlines when it revealed its legal action against Google and Apple. A separate payment system has been added by that gaming studio, and this payment system will allow the players to bypass the paying via app stores. In this situation, both Google and Apple immediately removed Fortnite from its app stores and prevented everyone from downloading the game. Through a social media campaign, Epic Games tried to mobilize its vast fan base though.


According to a report by Polygon, Epic Games may win the lawsuits against Google and Apple. Also, the lawyer of Epic Games has stepped forward with the detailed factual allegations, and the allegations rely on influential legal theories. Also, some lawyers agree that as Fortnite developer is in a valuable position may be the two tech companies trying to abuse Fortnite’s position by throttling competition. Overall, Epic Games was completely prepared for a battle. Therefore, it immediately filed lawsuits and also released a video on Apple’s iconic 1984 ad, that showed Apple’s role as a villain. Besides, Epic Games also threw Don’t Be Evil slogan of Google and accused Google’s motto as an afterthought.


When it comes to winning a lawsuit, Epic Games has a previous record of having a lot of success, and it also succeeded against several gaming giants such as Sony. 2 years back, the PlayStation manufacturer was forced by the studio to reverse its decision on crossplay. That time it also allowed players to play Fortnite from various platforms. Though going against Apple and Google is going to be a bit tough fight. Not only for lawyers, but for players and developers also it will be a thrilling experience to see this legal battle. Epic Games already made a statement that it will not take any tech giants lightly when it’s about Fortnite. If Epic Games gets success in this battle, it will surely put some impact on Android and iOS.