Cheapest G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

G-Sync enabled gaming monitors are great for gaming if you have  NVidia GPU. Here I created a list of the top 4 cheapest G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors In India. In India, Most of us, can’t afford a very high-end gaming pc initially, And hence most of the gamers go with an AMD free sync gaming monitor. I’m using a Freesync gaming monitor now, and I will switch to a G-sync monitor soon. So, based on my interest, spec, and pricing I picked the top 4 g-sync monitors for gamers In India.

I already mentioned in this blog, best gaming monitor under 10000, how to pick or things you need to consider before buying a gaming monitor. So, here let’s go straight to the Gaming Monitor overview sections.

Cheapest G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor

LG Ultragear 27GL650F G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

Cheapest G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor

This Gaming Monitor From LG is the cheapest g-sync monitor available online. The LG Ultragear monitor also comes with good specifications too.

Let’s talk about design and bezel first, This g-sync gaming monitor comes with a narrow bezel on its side, so, you will enjoy a better viewing experience. The design is also good, and the best thing is you can adjust the height of this gaming monitor, you can tilt this monitor based on your needs.

The screen size of this gaming monitor is 27″ IPS panel which is good for gaming and any other productive works. Obviously it’s a Full HD resolution monitor, 4K monitor is good, but if you want a 4k monitor with g-sync then you need to spend a huge amount of money. So, Full HD gaming still a good option, Surely you will have good gaming experience.

Another Best part of this gaming monitor is the 144hz refresh rates! Yes, 144hz is a standard refresh rate required for serious gamers, As we are talking about a g-sync gaming monitor, so, 144hz refresh rates are very good to have. Now, the quick response time of this monitor is just 1ms, which is another good part of this gaming monitor, if you combine an Nvidia GPU, with this gaming monitor you will have a smooth gaming experience. The 144hz refresh rates and 1ms response time will render clear and smooth gameplay.

It’s an HDR 10 Supported monitor, so, you can play any HDR content and gaming too. If you already have a gaming console like PS4 or XBOX, or if you are looking for an HDR supported console monitor, then this is one of the best options available for you. This Monitor also good for the latest ps5 and Xbox console.

If you have AMD free-sync installed in your pc! don’t worry! this gaming monitor also supports adaptive-sync known as FreeSync. Overall this LG Ultragear Monitor is a very good gaming monitor under the 25000 price range.

ASUS VG258QR Nvidia G-SYNC Compatible Esports Gaming Monitor

Cheapest G-SYNC Gaming Monitor


This is Another Best gaming monitor available under 30000 price range. obviously it does support Nvidia G-sync but also has many great features. The bezel of this gaming monitor is very less on its side.

The best part is the refresh rates! if you are looking for more than a 144hz gaming monitor then this monitor for you, it comes with 165hz refresh rates with very fast 0.5ms very quick response time. So, it will help in-game to eliminate screen tearing and frame drop issues.

This gaming Monitor from Asus supports Game fast Input technology, which minimizes the input lag, hence provides better and faster motion delivery.

Also, this monitor height is adjustable.

HP 24x 144Hz Full HD 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

Cheapest G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor


Another cheap gaming monitor in this list from Hp, again don’t ignore this gaming monitor because of “cheap”. This gaming monitor comes with very good specs, and this gaming monitor can be used for professional gaming.

The Design of This Hp Gaming Monitor is very good, the bezel is very minimum and the height is adjustable. In my opinion, The adjustable height option should be there for all monitors, it plays a huge role in the gaming and viewing experience. Also, you can tilt the screen easily.

The Screen size of this monitor is 24inch, which is not bad actually, you don’t need a very large size monitor for gaming, you need a good specs monitor instead.

The refresh rates and response time are the same as the previous g-sync monitor. it supports up to 144hz refresh rates and 1ms quick response time.

This Monitor supports both AMD free sync and Nvidia G-sync, so, both AMD And Nvidia GPU users can go for this one.

Samsung  240 Hz, G-Sync Compatible Curved Gaming Monitor

Cheapest G-SYNC Gaming Monitor

The first curved monitor in this list of the cheapest g-sync supported monitors. This Samsung monitor comes with a large 27″ display panel. The bezel of this monitor is very less, and best suitable for dual monitor setup.

The best thing is the refresh rates! this gaming monitor from Samsung supports up to 240hz refresh rates! which is great! but the truth is that very few users will be able to utilize these refresh rates in games. The response time is 4ms, which is not the fastest but it’s kind of okay. there are other features available like Eye saver mode and flicker-free technology to reduce flicks during gaming.