Best Soundbar Under 15000

Best Soundbar Under 15000 In India

A soundbar is a one or two-piece device that enhances the sound of your television. If you want to get the best audio experience while you are watching TV or gaming, you should have the best soundbar. If you have the best quality soundbar, you will experience greater clarity and a richer sound every time. Not only for the exceptional audio experience, but you have a soundbar for its aesthetic appearance as well. A soundbar can add an appealing and modern look to your entertainment system. Usually, soundbars are space-saving, and sleek hence ensures the best look to your drawing room.

After setting your budget, it will be easier for you to pick the best soundbar. 15,000 is a considerable amount that you can have the best soundbar in India. Still, if you are concerned about the brands, features, and overall performance, this article must be helpful for you. Here, in this article, we will focus on the best soundbar under 15000. 

Top 5 Soundbars Under 15000

Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar

Best Soundbar Under 15000

With the Sony HT-S20R 5.1 soundbar, you can experience the real surround sound. It comes with a wired rear speaker and a wired external subwoofer that provides powerful cinematic sound at your home. So, while you are watching a movie or playing a game on your smart TV, this soundbar helps you to offer the best surround sound. Thereby this soundbar delivers immersive, dynamic, and theatre-like music at your home.

Moreover, here you get Dolby digital support with this soundbar with which you can enjoy the high-quality dramatic sound. Not only with your TV, but you can play the soundbar individually as well to get the best audio experience. Also, the Bluetooth connectivity supports you to enjoy music wirelessly. You just need to connect the soundbar with your mobile, laptop, or tablet, and you are all ready to enjoy your favorite music at any time and any place of your home. It gives you the convenience of a one-cable connection through the HDMI ARC. The HDMI ARC helps you to connect the soundbar to compatible TVs with a single cable. Thereby it reduces the cable clutter.

You can enjoy high-quality sound by connecting the optical input if your television is not compatible with HDMI ARC. If you don’t have both the option of optical input and HDMI ARC, you just have to connect your TV by using analog input. If you want to have the best soundbar under 15000 for getting the best audio experience, you can go for this soundbar.

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Philips HTL3310 2.1 CH 160 W Bluetooth Soundbar

Best Soundbar Under 15000

While you are looking for the best soundbars under 15000, you can go for the Philips HTL3310 2.1 CH Bluetooth soundbar for its excellent features. This soundbar comes with 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer. This two-channel soundbar significantly enhances the bass. This Philips Bluetooth soundbar comes with a slim geometrical design that complements the appearance of your television.

The angled design and beautiful look will make a statement in every home. With this soundbar, you are getting flexible placement options. So, with the dedicated brackets, you can conveniently place this soundbar at your preferred place. This soundbar also supports Dolby Digital that enhances your audio experience to the next level. So, when you watch a movie or your favorite shows on the TV, you will experience more immersive and crystal clear sound every time.

The superb surround sound ensures a more expansive and involving experience. Moreover, you are getting the support of Bluetooth and USB connections with this soundbar that enables you to enjoy music wirelessly anywhere at any time. If you are looking for the best budget-friendly Dolby Atmos soundbar, you can go for this one.

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JBL Cinema SB130 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Best Soundbar In India Under 15000

JBL Cinema SB130 2.1 Channel soundbar is considered as one of the best soundbars under 15000. This soundbar works on 110w power output. The incredible 110w power ensures powerful sound that provides immersive theatre-like audio experience. The wired subwoofer of this soundbar offers an extra deep base and makes your home party-ready whenever you want.

So, with this soundbar, you will experience precise and crystal clear sound every time. Moreover, the high rich bass will lead you to an extra level of entertainment. The Digital sound is also dedicated to this soundbar that ensures the ultimate movie experience. Here, you will get the support of one cable connection with the HDMI ARC. The HDMI ARC allows you to set up the soundbar easily without any hassle.

With the JBL 2.1 channel soundbar, you will get the convenience of wireless music streaming. So, you can enjoy all of your favorite songs whenever you want. If you want to get the best cinematic audio experience, you can surely go for this soundbar. Though this soundbar offers a lot of features, it still doesn’t provide USB connectivity.

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JBL Bar Studio Wireless Soundbar with Built-in Dual Bass

If you are looking for the best soundbar in India under 15000, you can surely go for the JBL Bar Studio wireless soundbar with the built-in dual bass. This soundbar offers stellar sound while watching your favorite TV shows, movies, or listening to music. This all-in-one soundbar comes with a built-in dual bass port design.

The integrated dual bass ensures significantly better sound with excellent bass. Thereby this soundbar leads you to another level of entertainment. Moreover, due to the JBL surround sound, you will experience the best cinematic experience every time you watch a movie or your favorite show.

The best part of this soundbar is that you can operate it with your dedicated TV remote. So, you won’t need any additional remote to control this soundbar. The connection setup is also convenient enough for this soundbar. With the HDMI ARC or Optical port, you can connect this soundbar to your television and enjoy music whenever possible. Moreover, you can connect your USB drive to enjoy music. Apart from all these advantages, you also can enjoy wireless connectivity with Bluetooth. So you can enjoy music from your mobile, tablet, or laptop by connecting the devices to the soundbar.

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Philips HTL2163B/12, 120W Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker

Best Soundbar Under 15000

The Philips HTL2163B/12 Bluetooth soundbar speaker is also an ideal soundbar if you are looking for the best soundbar under 15000. This soundbar produces virtual surround sound that ensures a realistic movie experience. This soundbar helps to deliver immersive and rich and immersive surround sound. With this soundbar, you won’t need extra speakers and additional wires.

This soundbar is able to fill every corner of your room with precise and crystal-clear sound. This soundbar lets you enjoy your movies and music with the Virtual Surround Sound. The deep bass leads your entertainment to another level. Here, you will get the convenience of Audio In a feature that allows you to enjoy music from an MP3 player, iPod, iPhone. You just have to connect the audio device to the Audio In jack, and thereby you can enjoy your favorite music track whenever you want superior sound quality.

Moreover, Dolby Digital offers you the ultimate movie experience. You can place this soundbar wherever you want, and it will give you the versatility of enjoying music from your room. Overall, this soundbar offers you the best audio experience with excellent specifications and performance.

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How To Purchase The Best Soundbar Under 15000

While you are looking for the best soundbar in India under 15000, there are several aspects that you need to consider. After spending a considerable amount of money around 15,000, you can compromise with the quality of your soundbar. Hence, it is essential to consider the aspects to make the best purchase.


The number of speakers that come with the soundbar known as the channels. With a 5.1 sound system, you will get 5 primary speakers with 1 additional subwoofer. Similarly, with a 7.1 sound system, you will get 7 dedicated speakers with 1 additional subwoofer. As in this article, we are only concerned about the soundbars within the 15,000 budget segment; you can’t expect 7.1 sound systems. Still, it is recommended to choose a minimum 3.1 sound system so that you can get a better surround sound experience.

Active or Passive

Usually, you will get two types of soundbars that include active and passive soundbars. It is recommended to choose an active soundbar as it comes with built-in amplifiers. Whether the passive soundbars don’t come with built-in amplifiers. Also, if you want to save the space, you surely should go for the active soundbars.


Presently, most of the soundbars come with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. So, you can easily stream your favorite music without any additional wire. You just have to connect the soundbar to repair a laptop, computer, or television through Bluetooth, and the device is entirely ready to stream your favorite music. So while you are purchasing the best soundbar under 15000, don’t forget to consider the connectivity.


Placement is also a significant aspect that you need to consider while purchasing a soundbar. You may place it on the shelf under your television or can hang it on the wall. While making a purchase, also keep in mind that the soundbar should not be larger than your TV. Still, it is recommended to place the soundbar above or beneath your television to get the maximum audio experience. Just make sure to have enough space around the TV.

Authorized Dealer

While you are planning to purchase a soundbar within the 15,000 budget segment, make sure to buy it from an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer can offer you the best service, warranty, and support. If you want to have the best performance of your soundbar, make sure to purchase it from an authorized dealer.

Final words

Music gives you positive vibes always and mental strength as well. By listening to good music, you can enhance your happiness and decrease your stress level. The best quality soundbar does the exact thing. By having the best soundbar, your mood will completely change as it will give you the best audio experience. Hopefully, by following the buying guide, you can purchase the best soundbar under 15000.

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