Best Nose Hair Trimmer in India

Looking for the best nose hair trimmer in India? Here is the top 7 nose hair trimmer with complete guides and reviews.

Nose hair is nothing but the hair in the nose, and this is well known as a Nasal Hair. All adult human has this type of hair. This hair filters the foreign particles and stops them from entering the nasal cavity. It also helps to collect the moisture inside the nose. As per the 2010 study, if the density decrease, then the person may get affected in asthma.

Do you get rid of your nose hair? Are you wondering how to do? Nose trimmer can help you with this. There are many nose hair trimmer for men and women are available in the market. Those devices come with miniature rotary clippers, which helps to shorten the hair length so that those do not come the outside of the nasal passage. These trimmers are very safe to use because it allows you to trim hair slowly, and it will not hurt to your dedicated skin.

There is some best nose hair trimmer in the market. Those are discussing below. Below is the quick list of the best nose and hair trimmer in India.

5 Best Nose Hair trimmer In India

Philips Norelco Nortel Nose TrimmerView on Amazon
Philips QP220/50 Nose TrimmerView On Amazon
Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Nose TrimmerView On Amazon
Braun Ear and Nose Hair TrimmerView On Amazon
Philips Norelco Trimmer 3000 Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer
TOUCHBeauty Essentials LED Electric Nose Hair TrimmerView On Amazon
Panasonic Er115 Nose & Ear Hair TrimmerView On Amazon

Nose trimmer is the best option to remove nose hair with a pain-free process. It is a much faster and safer process to remove hair. After that also if you want some more to be cleaned, then you can use scissors or any other method to clean it. But keep this in mind that hair trimmer filter all dust and bacteria, and it also makes sure that it never over trims.


Philips Norelco Nortel Nose Trimmer

This highly recommended nose trimmer. Users can use this trimmer comfortably. You only need to use this for your unwanted nose hair. It has an ideal angle, which goes correctly inside the nose without hurting you. This type of trimmer is water-resistant, so easy to clean. This consists of standard voltage, which 220V-120V. If you are looking for the best Nose hair trimmer in India with all the essential features, you can consider this one.

Philips QP220/50 Oneblade Replaceable Blade (Lime) & Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer

this product consists of two replacement blades, and these fit on the main handle. Since these are nice quality, you can use those two for at least eight months. This machine has an extra guard system, which does not pull unwanted hair but it nicks and cuts. It reaches inside the nose easily. It consists of a hybrid tool, which can give you proper trim, shave, and keep your skin soft.

Philips QP220/50 Oneblade Replaceable Blade (Lime) & Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer (Black)
  • Product 1: Includes 2 replaceable blades
  • Product 1: Fits on all oneblade handles
  • Product 1: 2 Blade lasts up to 8 Months. (For best shaving experience. Based on 2 full shaves per week. Actual results may vary)
  • Product 1: Easy to clean: just rinse it under the tap
  • Product 2: Advanced guard system prevents pulling, nicks and cuts

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex

Are you looking for a powerful motor, which can give you a better cut and shave? Then you are selecting the correct machine. It also has a charging indicator with a sleek design. This is a cordless machine with a rechargeable battery. This trimmer works such a way that it gives you look very appealing, which is best for the youngster.

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer
  • Waterproof removable stainless steel blades
  • Is cordless and has recharable battery with AC adopter charging base
  • Powerful motor for better cut and shave
  • Charging indicator, sleek design and quiet motor
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase

Braun Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

This is the high perform ergonomic shape trimmer, which gives you precise and safe performance. This trimmer works for bot ear and nose. You need to put a regular battery to use it. One battery you can use for 120 minutes trimming.

Braun Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer
  • Braun Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

Philips Norelco Trimmer 3000

This machine consists of an advanced trimming system, which shields the blades from the skin. It has two interchangeable trimming elements, which are very skin-friendly. It is very easy to wash and safe to use.

Check More Details- Philips Norelco Trimmer 3000

TOUCHBeauty Essentials LED Electric Nose Hair Trimmer

This is a very precise and safe trimmer, which works the best where you do not get any pain. Moreover, you no need to pull your unwanted hair, you only need to trim it. It is very portable and easy to hold due to its nice grip.

TOUCHBeauty Essentials LED Electric Nose Hair Trimmer
  • Precise and safe hair trimmer for nose and ears without pulling or tugging
  • It's arched cutter head with fine steel rotary blade trims quickly, safely and noiselessly
  • It's built-in light promises simultaneous illumination
  • It is portable and easy to grip
  • It's motor is powerful but quiet. It is powered by 1 aa battery (not included)

Panasonic Er115 and Ear hair trimmer

The Last One in this top 7 list of best nose hair trimmer in India from Panasonic. This machine is best for wet and dry both the application. Very easy to wash compared to other machines. This is best for both ears and nose. After using this, it makes you feel clean. This does not work on electricity. You have to put the battery to use this. According to your use, the battery will get consumed.

Panasonic Er115 Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry Application
  • Panasonic ER115 Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer Wet/Dry Application


The procedure of using a hair trimmer

Here you can see how to use nose hair trimmer. We will provide you the step-by-step procedure so that it will be easy for you to follow. Those procedures are discussing below:


  1. Stand in front of the well-lit mirror: You can stand inside the bathroom and use the bathroom’s mirror if there are a lot of lights available. If you have a magnifying mirror, then that is one of the best options for you. You need to select the option where you can see your nose hairs very closely.
  2. Clean out your nostrils: You need to blow your nose with tissue paper and take out all mucus. You also need to wipe inside the nose and remove all boogers. If your nose hairs are completely clean, then it will be easy for you to trim with the trimmer. One more important thing is you should be well, and you should not have an allergy, so it is better to wait until your nose becomes clean.
  3. Moisten nose hairs slightly with the wet cloth: You can dampen a clean cloth in warm water, then use your finger and insert inside the nose gently so that all hair gets wet. If nose hair is wet, it will help you to separate them easily.
  4. Push up your nose like pig’s nose: You can use your index finger to push your nose up that time it will be easy to see the hairs inside the nose. You only need to trim the tip of the hair.
  5. Circle the nose trimmer inside the nose: Now it is the time to turn on your electric trimmer and put that inside any one of your nostrils. Generally, you need to circle it around and push even deeper and trim the tips where nose hair follicles are visible. You should not push trimmers very hard to make your nose extra safe.
  6. Avoid trimming beyond the visible hair: You no need to push trimmer too much inside the nose because most of the hair follicles will be inside it. Those are filtered out dust and other airborne particles so that you can be healthy. After finishing the trimming, you can go a little more inside the nose so that you can see if the hair is visible or not. If no hair is visible, then everything is done.
  7. Repeat the same for the other nostril: You need to push up your another nose and repeat the same process.

You can get many best nose hair trimmer In India in the market. You not only need to use them efficiently, but you also need to clean them. For that you need to follow some procedure, those are discussing below:


How to Clean A Nose Hair Trimmer

  1. Need to rinse out the hairs from blade: Whenever you use, you need to remove hairs from the blades. You can use water on the blade and wash out all the hair. Some trimmer has removable blades, which you can directly replace it.
  2. Spray the blades: You need to hold the blades and spray with barber’s disinfectant to maintain all the parts of this machine. You need to press down the spray 2-3 times.
  3. Store the nose trimmer in a dry place: You need to place the trimmer in a proper place so that you get easily for the nest time. You need to make sure that before you store you dry it completely. Some trimmer has a storage dock where you can save if you are regularly using it.



Things to consider:

According to the study, nasal hair is good for the nose; it protects the nose from allergy entering into it. So you should not remove too much hair from nose, you just need to trim the tip and how much you required you need to trim. In this case, nose hair trimmer works wonder. No need to go too much deep and trim the hair.



Trimming and laser hair removal is completely safe for your nose. Laser hair is a bit expensive, but trimming is not much. Nowadays, there are many nose hair trimmers for women/ladies so you can expect good service.