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Nowadays a GPS tracker is a must-have device if you own a bike, SuperBike or a Car! to Prevent Theft. So, Here I Created the top 5 best GPS tracker for bike and car Under Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 In India, you can buy. Before making this list I considered important features like live tracking, Anti-theft alarm, etc.

If you own a bike or a car then you should install a GPS device. There are many reasons you should install a GPS device on your car or bike, I’m explaining a few of them which are most important Here, The first is you can track your vehicle from anywhere whether if you are sleeping or Working at office you can track your bike or car just using a mobile app. You can set an Antitheft alarm to prevent theft and monitoring. You can check more details at the bottom of this post if you want to explore more features of having a GPS tracker in your Bike. Below is the quick list of Best GPS tracker for Bike and Car with a very minimal price tag.

Best GPS Tracker For Bike and Car In India

  • Sana GPS Tracker  for Bike,  Bus, Truck Etc
  • Acumen Tracker UC 900 GPS Tracker for Car Bike Truck
  • ZAICUS ST-901 GPS Tracker for Car Motorcycle Vehicle
  • Drivool GPS Tracker mini waterproof Real Time Locator
  • AKARI GPS Tracker Device for Car, Bike, Truck, and Bus

Now let’s jump to the Best GPS tracker for bike and car its features and overviews section.

Sana GPS Tracker  for Bike, Car, Bus, Truck Etc

The first one in this best GPS tracker for car and bikes from Sana. This is obviously a Local brand in India and I Picked this one because of it’s pricing with good features. This GPS tracker is Compatible with all types of vehicles and if you want to use engine access features then it only available with the Key strat vehicles.

This GPS Tracker can be used for both car and bikes without any issue. One of the best features is this GPS tracker uses the Indian server for fast data transfer with you. You don’t have to worry about the weather as this GPS device is waterproof and easily withstand Indian weather. Other features you will get with this GPS tracker are Anti Theft alarm, Engine Lock. You will get 1 year Sim data with no extra cost that’s very good, you don’t need to pay extra for this! Just buy and install and you are ready to go!


  • Compatible with all types of vehicle
  • Inbuilt Battery
  • Waterproof
  • Free 1 Year Sana App subscription | Free 1 Year SIM Card Data 
  •  Run on own fastest Sana Indian Server For Fast Access
  • Watch full day history to see where your vehicle went. Up to 3-Month-Old data available
  •  Define safe zones on the map and get alerts when the vehicle enters/exits those zones

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Acumen Tracker UC 900 GPS Tracker for Car Bike Truck

Best GPS Tracker For Car

The second one from Acumen. The above image is the full component’s that comes within the package. You will get real-time updates and data with this GPS device and it works perfectly 24hrs. This GPS device can be tracked by using Google-powered Google Street & Satellite map. You can see exactly where is going your vehicles if you are the owner of the car. Also, you can install on your Bike if you want, the installation process is very easy.  You can see the last 60 days data of your vehicles if you want.

With this GPS tracker, you can create unlimited Geo fence and receive all notification and every time you can keep your eye on your vehicle or on your loved one. Also, there is an Anti-theft alarm.


  • Real Time (24×7) Vehicle location tracking by  Mobile App
  • create Unlimited Geo fence and receive all notification 
  • Anti Theft Alarm

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ZAICUS ST-901 GPS Tracker for Car Motorcycle Vehicle

GPS Tracker for Bike

This one from ZAICUS. You can use this GPS tracker for both Bikes or Motorcycles and in your car. This GPS tracker comes with inbuilt battery, so if car battery not works it will continue work with its inbuilt battery. There are many features available within this GPS tracker! 


  • Support GPS/Glonass/Galileo/Compass four different satellite
  • Geo-Fence Alarm – Main Power Off Alarm(with built battery only)
  • Support single location
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • Support Low Power Alar
  • Waterproof 
  • With ACC to detect ignition

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Drivool GPS Tracker mini waterproof Real Time Locator

GPS Tracker for Bike

This GPS tracker device from Drivool. You Can use this GPS Tracker for bikes, car, truck, Buses and any other vehicles you have. like any other GPS tracker, this GPS tracker can be used for tracking live location and you can see exactly where your Car going in real time! by using their simple Mobile applications. There is a panic button, one of the best features.


  • School Bus tracking (Parent App, Routing, Stops and approach notification)
  • Family Car/Bike Tracking (Track and share the tracking link
  • Courier truck Tracking
  • Logistics/ Truck tracking
  • Public Buses (tracking and ticketing and payment transaction)
  • E-Rickshaw/Auto/Cab (This App will make you visible like UBER/Ola)

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AKARI GPS Tracker Device for Car, Bike, Truck, and Bus

Best GPS Tracker

The last one in this top 5 best GPS tracker for Bikes from Akari! This GPS tracker is compatible with all types vehicles and if you want engine access then you need a vehicle that has keys. You can watch real-time data and location by using a mobile application. The best feature is the Engine Lock. The engine can be turned off & on via SMS feature thru mobile app.


  • Real Time (24×7) Vehicle location tracking by  Mobile App
  • Anti Theft Alarm
  • Free 1-year app subscription 

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What Is GPS?

The Full Form of GPS is the Global Positioning System. This is a satellite-based navigation system devolved and owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force. There are many optional navigation systems available around the globe but GPS is the best one and all smartphone has GPS built in.

Uses Of GPS

GPS devices Can be used for different purposes.  GPS devices mostly use for Military services.

  • Aviation
  • Farming
  • Tracking
  • Marine
  • Science
  • Surveying
  • Military
  • Telecommunication

and many more. 

Benefits Of Having a GPS tracker on Your Car or Bikes

  • Anti Theft- Most of the GPS tracker for bikes and car comes with this Anti-Theft alarm features! and if this feature is missing then you can still manually check from your Mobile application and you can track the Car! 
  • Live Location- Most of us used or still using Cab service apps like UBER, OLA, etc! and you know how you can track the vehicles where the vehicles exactly standing. The same features you can get by installing a GPS tracker device on your Bike or Car.
  • GPS Tracking Data- If you are the owner of a car and you often rent your car then you should install a GPS tracker for Car. You can see the real-time data with the last 40 to 60 days of data.
  • Engine Lockdown- You can easily lock down your engine by using a GPS tracker! That’s one of the best features of a GPS tracker.
  • Over Speed Alarm- You can use these features to get notified when someone over speed your car beyond a certain fixed limit.
  • Geo-Fence Alarm– One of the best feature of a GPS tracker. You can set custom location on a map and if your vehicles enter or leave the location you will get notified by Mobile application.

So, you should buy a  GPS tracker if you own a Car or bikes! just for Rs.3000 to 4000 you can protect yours over the one lakh worthy priced car.