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Here is the top 5 best epilator In India, with Complete reviews and how to use an epilator, If you are looking for the best epilator India then you are in the right blog.

What Is Epilators?

Are you looking for a long-lasting method to remove hair? Then you must opt for the Epilating technique. Epilator is a machine, which helps to pull out the hairs simultaneously. It pulls hair similarly like a waxing. It eliminates unwanted hair, and you can expect your desired result. This electrical device made in such a way that it can remove the hair directly from the roots.

There are two types of options available in the market, like dry epilator and wet epilator. According to your convenience, you can remove your unwanted hair while in bath or shower time. Taking out hair from the root it’s always painful, and if you are doing for the first time, then you may feel some discomfort. You need to plug the device and use this, or you can also get the rechargeable battery one.

5 Best Epilator in India

Braun Silk Epil 9-961E Wet And Dry Cordless EpilatorView On Amazon
Philips BRE635 Advanced Cordless EpilatorView On Amazon
Braun 9-558 Cordless Epilator View On Flipkart
Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator View On Amazon
Braun SE 3-270 leg & body Corded Epilator View On Amazon

Here we are discussing some best cordless epilator in India so that you can select the best one for you. Those are discussing below:

Braun Silk Epil 9-961E Wet And Dry Cordless Epilator

best epilator in India

This is one of the best epilators in India and this epilator from Barun. It helps to reduce the ingrowth of the hair and also provides the nice finishing on your skin. After using this till four weeks, hair does not grow, and smooth skin lasts for a longer time. It also reduces discomfort when you regularly use it. As hair grows, it becomes lighter. This not only for the face, but you can also use this for any part of your body like underarms, arms, bikini area, etc. This is best for sensitive skin. If you are looking for a multipurpose Best Epilator In India, then this can be your choice.

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Philips BRE635 Advanced Cordless Epilator

best epilator in India For facial hair

It is an advanced cordless Epilator, which removes hairs less than 0.5 mm. It keeps hair free to your body until four weeks. It consists of speed and voltage settings where you can change it as per your requirement. Since it has a superior grip, it removes hair easily. Not only shave the unwanted hair, but it can also trim. After regular use, it will make hair-thin, and growth makes slow.

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Braun 9-558 Cordless Epilator

best epilator in India For Women

This is one of the best epilators for face in India. But you can use this for your full body. This machine has designed in an agronomical way, which is very comfortable to use. This machine epilation head is 40% wider, which can cover more skin in each stroke, so the epilation process will be faster in it. Before using, you need to put this to charge, and it will be around one hour of charging. It can provide you service for a minimum of forty minutes. Users can adjust the speed however they want, and they also can use this under running water.

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Philips BRE245/00 Corded Compact Epilator

best epilator in India For Leg

This is one of the best efficient epilation system, which pulls out the hair from the root and provides smoothness. It has an agronomical grip, which provides comfortable handling. After using it is very easy to clean, and the epilation head provides extra hygiene. This machine always provides a close shave and more gentleness. Every part of the body you can use. This company also offers two years of warranty from the date of purchase, so if you have any problem, you can take free service.

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Braun SE 3-270 leg & body Corded Epilator

best epilator in India For Leg

This is one of the best epilators in India, which is designed in such a way that hair removal will become a piece of cake for you. It is best for legs and body. It keeps the skin soft and smooth. It removes hair in a very gentle way, and it has a massage roller, which messages your skin and eases the epilation so that you can get more comfort. By using this, you will feel more comfortable and painless.

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How does An Epilator work?

Epilator works similarly like waxing; the only difference is it removes hair from roots. It plucks away hairs and moves for the next part of the body.

If you are looking for the best result, then you must exfoliate your skin, then you must use the epilator. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and prevent to grow hairs from inside.

You need to start using this at a 90-degree angle of your skin. You should not press the device against your skin. You need to hold this loosely and pull your skin. You need to pull your skin taut then slowly need to move the machine towards the direction of your hair growth.

You must make sure that you should not move the opposite direction of your hair growth, then your hair will get cut; it will not remove from the root.

How To Use Epilator – Tips For Using An Epilator

  1. It is always better to use the epilator at night because some people will get redness and skin irritation. But that irritation will go away after some hours.
  2. The different epilator has different speed settings. You must always start with a low setup, and gradually, you must increase the speed.
  3. You have to be patient because slowly! if you use the machine, only all hair will come out properly. If you do hurry, then you could leave the hair behind.
  4. After the completion of hair removal, you need to make sure that you moisturized your skin.
  5. After each use, you need to clean your epilator so that you do not get a skin infection. You must use alcohol to clean the machine.

Is epilating painful? And if it’s so, then how to reduce pain?

If you are doing epilating for the first time, this is normal that you may feel some discomfort.  But it will not be too bad. Mostly you will get the tingling or smarting sensation compare to actual pain. The more you do epilate, you will see that sensation has reduced. After using you will become used to it and you will become more relaxed, and your hair will be more beautiful, and they will come out easier.

Still, if you are feeling that epilating is painful for you then you can select which you can use in the shower and bath time. You can take the warmth of the water then pores will get open. If your skin is less sensitive then pores will get open soon. You use slower speed then you may feel a little less uncomfortable. It is very common, mainly when you target a sensitive area. But doing it slow can take a longer time to complete it.

You can also use some epilators with your favorite products like shower gel, foam or soap. How soon the epilator will rotate the product will lather up and this will give you very smooth feeling to your skin. If you are still in that discomfort then you can do that after the wax. It means that you are epilating fewer hairs and your skin will get used to that sensation.


Epilators vs. Waxing- Which One Suitable For You?

Epilating and Waxing both are very similar methods for hair removal from the follicle level. Compare to both, epilating is more effective and convenient. Epilators can remove a minimum of 0.5 mm short hair, and waxing can pick up 2 mm. It correctly proves that the epilator can remove hair more, and it will last for the long.

Epilating is also a quicker task, and it does not create any mess; it only discards the hairs. Waxing makes your skin sticky. It easily leaves the trail if you do this by yourself and it will be very difficult to clean. But if you see the cleaning part in an epilator, then it is very easy. After finishing its work, you can wash your skin with water.

Epilating does not remove dead cells from your skin; it only removes tweezers. It does not apply any heat on the body, so it is best for sensitive skin. Some people who are in medication for them waxing is not a suitable one, and it makes the skin more delicate, and there will be a chance to tear the skin. But in this case, epilate is fine.

A Buyer Guide To Pick Best Epilator For you

Before you buy the epilator, you must know the basic things, which can help you to get the best one for you. Those points are discussing below:


  1. Budget: Before you buy, you must fix your budget. The more you will spend so many extra features, you can get.
  2. Speed: Some epilators have too much speed at that time; it becomes difficult to control. So it is always better that you select the speed setting one where you can control the speed.
  3. Noise: Some machine makes noise where you may feel irritated, so you can check that then you can buy.
  4. Light: To get the optimum result, light must be available in the epilator.


  1. How long the epilator hair removal last?

Well, it depends on your hair growth. But on average hair will not grow till three weeks.

  1. Does hair growth reduce due to epilation?

As per studies, it is shown that after the epilation, hair growth becomes lighter and thinner. It also reduces hair growth, and the second time, it will not be much painful.

  1. Is epilation change the skin tone?

No, it does not change. You may get some uncomfortable pinch for the first time, so for some days, your skin will be dark. Then, later on, everything will be fine.


In this era, every woman wants quick and easy work. They also want to shape themselves in a beautiful way. These epilators are very interesting, and they make the job easier and faster. So, This Best Epilator In India post will help you to decide which one is perfect for you.

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