Iphone 12

The release of Apple iPhone 12 is running late, but you don’t have to wait any longer as Apple Insider has revealed the surprise release of the iPhone 12. About the release of the iPhone 12, Jon Prosser has stated the launching event of the iPhone 12 may be a month late probably. Until November, the pre-orders and shipping have been delayed. Luca Maestri, the CFO of Apple, also has stated that the release of iPhones is running a few weeks later than the average releasing time. Regarding the surprise launch of the iPhone 12, there will also be some significant changes with the camera, and it will be upgraded beyond the integration of the LiDAR sensor. This upgrade will be the last-minute surprise for the users.


Iphone 12

The new patents filed by Apple also revealed that the company is improving the dot projection technology of the present Face ID sensor to a 3D map gesture. This 3D gesture is recognized as in-air-gesturing to support the iPhone first and after it will support the in-car control systems.  The front-facing dot projection is an integral part of the iPhone line-up from the iPhone X release. It will be more enjoyable when this function is added retroactively. In comparison with the half-baked attempt of Google, it looks more attractive.


According to the report, the release of Apple iPhone 12 has another serious roadblock that impacts sales. President Donald Trump also has confirmed that he will ban every transaction between China-owned WeChat and TikTok and the United States. China has a $44BN market for Apple, and it is also responsible for being the third selling country of iPhones. But according to a poll created by Bloomberg, 95% of Chinese have decided to give up the iPhone instead of giving up WeChat. WeChat is an inclusive app in China, and it does a lot more than messaging as it provides the facilities of online shopping, gaming, and mobile payments. As Google, Facebook, and Twitter are banned in China, WeChat is a must having service for Chinese citizens.


The report also says the sales of entry-level iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus will start from the middle of October. Though Bloomberg disagrees with this statement as they have not declared any specific date yet. Hopefully, the price of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus will worth this long wait. Moreover, there will be some attractive upgrades as well in the iPhone 12 segment.

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