Apple Watch Os


Apple has finally released its most awaited first public beta version of WatchOS7 for its apple watch consumer.  This means if you are an appel watch consumer using an Apple Watch Series 3,4, or 5 you can now try out the public beta version before its final version is released as its include some fabulous features like sleep tracking to improve maps, cycling direction, and new watch faces and settings like dance settings as new Workout app and hearing setting to translate.

Plus feature like washing your hand for exactly 20 sec by using a super-timely app that automatically spots when and for how long you are washing your hand. There will be many of us who don’t know about the features, let’s introspect about the feature a little bit.

Apple Watch Os


  • Sleep tracking: the most important differentiation it does for you is it divides the night into the time you were in bed and the time you were asleep. You must be surprised !!! yes you read it right. With WatchOS7 apple is introducing a sleep tracking app so you need not rely on any third-party app to measure your sleep, what you need to do is that you have to set some parameters: how long you ideally want to sleep and when you want to wake up. This will create a time when you need to wind up and the clock will remind you ahead of time, that’s it.
  • Wash hand: we all must agree in this tough time life has taught us the importance of washing hands but who will take care of it for how long we are washing our hands? You do not need to worry if you are an apple watch consumer, it will be taken care of by your apple watch. While washing hands it will sense your hand movement and the way your another hand corresponding with the other one. At the same time, its handwashing animation will guide you through the experience.
  • New watch faces: previously, you used to have one example of a specific complication on the face, now there will be multiple examples. One updated face (extra large)& one new face( Chronographic one)has been added.
  • Workout: The workout app, you can say what you just needed to maintain your health and track down the calorie and is pretty cool and there are plenty of exercises you could ask for. If you are the one who likes dancing to exercise, the new features will inspire you. Four new workout specification has been added like Bollywood style, hip-hop, Latin, and cardio, so now your workout going to to be amazing I must say.

Steps to be followed to use the beta version:

First, you need to pair your iPhone with your watch if you haven’t done it, then back up the iPhone.

Next, you need to go to and sign with your Apple ID, if you haven’t any creat it first. Then agree, back up your iPhone and download the iOS public beta profile.

Third, now you need to install the public beta on your apple watch, to do this just install the watchOS 7 beta software profile.

Fourth, after that, you go back to the and select the watchOS Then follow the settings >General>Profiles & Device Management, tap on the profile, and “INSTALL”.

Now you are done with settings and ready to enjoy the public beta version!!! Good Luck