ADD IDM extension to Chrome

Add IDM Extension To Chrome Firefox And Microsoft Edge

Trying to Add IDM Extension to Chrome? Here is the easiest method to add IDM Extention to Chrome easily within few minutes. Normally when you installed IDM to Your PC, IDM automatically installs browser extension to Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox Mozilla. But in some times it doesn’t or not properly work with the browser!

so, if you are looking for the solution of “how to add IDM extension to chrome” here is the best way to do it. I will explain from IDM installation to correctly install the IDM extension to chrome. Below is the quick guide list then i will explain all of this step by step.

How to Add IDM Extention To Chrome

  • Download IDM from Official website
  • Install IDM application on your PC
  • After Installation A pop up will Apper to Install IDM extension
  • Accept And Enable IDM extension if you are seeing any pop up on chrome browser
  • If pop up not appearing open file location of IDM
  • look for  IDMGCExt.crx File
  • Open Settings of Chrome Browser And and choose Extention tab
  • Enable Developer Mode
  • Drag and Drop IDMGCExt.crx File to Chrome
  • You will get a pop up to installing IDM just enable it
  • Done

Add IDM Extention To Chrome

1. Download IDM

Download IDM from the official Website! yes, it’s necessary to download IDM  from its official website if you don’t want to get infected your pc with a dangerous virus. i think in 2018 i download IDM from a random website and my pc was infected with ransomware virus! but just a day before it i kept all of my docs to external hard disk! after this, i never download any software from unauthorized third party sites. Hope you understand! If you already downloaded IDM, then just keep reading.

Official Website:

Add IDm extension to chrome


2. Install IDM

This is really simple! after downloading IDM just double click the application and follow the onscreen instruction.

Please make sure the path (installation folder) is the default. The default installation folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager. You can install any other location but this is recommended.

Add IDM Extention to Chrome

3. Do this If Pop Up Not Appearing

Normally after installing IDM, you will get a pop up to enable IDM extension to chrome and Microsoft Edge. But in some cases, you may not get the pop-up, int that case, you need to install IDM extension manually. Right, Click on the IDM shortcut icon(On Pc home screen).

ADD IDM extension to Chrome

Click “Open File Location”

4. Open Chrome Browser Setting

Add IDM extension to Chrome


Choose extension option after clicking More tools option

5. Drag And Drop IDM extension

How to add Idm extension to Chrome

before drag and drop of IDM extension enable developer mode in chrome extension setting.

Add IDM chrome Extension to Chrome

after drag and drop of the IDMGCExt.crx file, you will get a pop up to “add extension” just hit the click, and you have successfully installed IDM extension to Chrome manually.

Add IDM extension to chrome

Now, if you want to Install IDM extension to other browsers! that is also a very easy process.

Add IDM Extension to Firefox Mozilla

  • go to Addon page of firefox
  • Search with keyword “IDM extension”
  • You will get first positioned official extension
  • Install and restart the Firefox Browser